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HiRouter Routing Software Enterprise Edition

HiRouter Software builds on the functionality of the open source Linux Core with additional enterprise-ready product extensions. Customers are entitled to access to the Router technical support team.

  • Embedded firewall protects internet security and performance stability
  • HiRouter System Enterprise Edition, embedded with exclusive firewall for enterprises, provides TCMP/TCP-SYN defense, UDP Flood/IP attack defense, ARP defense detecting, port scan and other protection and defense functions. These powerful functions not only solves ARP attack and traffic problem but also protect the network from the attack from the extranet. What`s more, the firewall provides DNS/domain/IP filtering, URL/keywords filtering function. The website address database is embedded in the system which shuts down the virus totally to protect the internet security.


  •  Supporting VLAN network environment and improving the security and stability
  • If the enterprise`s scale is large, then it can be divided into VLAN. HiRouter System Enterprise Edition supports VLAN network environment. As the following picture showing, every department of the headquarter and the branch companies have their own VLAN. The computers in the same VLAN can visit each other. If one of the VLAN has working problems,it won`t have any influence on the other VLAN. So this has improve the whole network stability and security.


  • Distribute internet access for different groups to optimize resources
  • HiRouter supports client MAC address banding with IP, which can avoid ARP attack and make IP management easily. Then it also supports setting internet speed limitation for every single PC, intranet email, WEB, ERP and bandwidth setting for server or priority bandwidth for individual as needed. It also let you manage the access by staff IP in every department.


  • Perfect Diary System to protect the company`s data security
  • HiRouter Software has super diary function which includes intranet DNS diary searching function, whole user internet surfing records. And SYSLOG diary sending function let you import the diary into the system for analyzing.


  •  Information sending function improves office efficiency
  • HiRouter information sending function improves office efficiency. You can send notice and announcement to certain department or certain individual by few clicks. You also can send
  •  the information to every office directly by LAN TO LAN.
  • Clean pipe solution ;HiRouter System Software is Linux-based router software.

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