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History Killer

History Killer helps to protect your privacy by removing traces of computer and Internet activities with a single mouse click. Free scan will show you the size of disk space you can free. User-friendly interface and understandable descriptions will help you securely and quickly remove exactly what needs to be removed.


History Killer erases Windows temp directories and files, Recycle Bin, Windows search/find history, autocomplete forms, the recent document list and locked index.dat files. It also removes recent files in Windows Media Player, RealPlayer, Adobe products (Acrobat, Photoshop), Ulead products, Microsoft products, Macromedia products, IrfanView, ACDSee and so one.Within your browser, History Killer erases cache files, the history information, typed URLs, downloaded program files and cookies for all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox Mozilla, Opera, Flock). It also clears Instant Messenger chat logs, downloaded files (MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Miranda ICQ, Skype, MIRC etc.), the Google, Yahoo toolbar search history.You can also configure History Killer to remove your custom targets - files (using file masks also), folders and registry entries.Auto-kill action on browser exit, Windows startup and time scheduler will help you to save your time.Remember, files and traces once deleted by History Killer can never be recovered!Features and BenefitsEasy of Use * Convenient interface * 2 modes of work - FULL (main window is visible) and ICONIC (main window is hidden) * One-click Scanning or KillingSystem Targets Killing * Temporary folders cleaning * Windows run and find history cleaning * Scandisk files removing * Secure Recycle Bin data deleting * Start Menu Click and Order history removing * Windows page file cleanup * Windows Application, Security and System Event Logs cleaning * and moreBrowser Targets Killing * Support for Internet Explorer, Firefox Mozilla, Netscape, Opera and Flock web browsers * Cache clearing * Cookies clearing * Internet history and last visited pages cleaning * ActiveX controls removal * AutoComplete forms removal * Locked index.dat files cleanup * and moreAuto-Kill Features * Auto-Killing when Windows starts * Auto-Killing on last browser exit * Auto-Killing when the given time elapses * Auto-Killing on selected application exitAdvanced Features * User defined level of security * Support for Plug-ins * Support for online Automatic Updates * Support for Custom TargetsHistory Killer is intended to optimize your system. By regularly cleaning up temporary files from you computer`s storage you will be able to: * Increase your computer performance * Protect your privacy * Speed up working with Internet applications * Free up additional space on your hard drive * Speed up Windows loadingPROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY WITH HISTORY KILLER IS MUCH MORE THAN MERELY `PIECE OF MIND`. PROTECTING YOUR PRIVACY IS A NECESSITY.

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